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Webinar Recap: Revolutionizing Email Newsletters for Publishers

In our engaging session with Transformation Tech, Christopher Sopher, Letterhead CEO, shared invaluable insights into revolutionizing email newsletters for publishers.

At Letterhead, we believe in creating newsletters that are more than distribution channels. They are standalone products that engage and resonate with readers. Watch the full session or dig into our key takeaways to learn more. 

First Impressions Matter: How to Create a Killer Welcome Email

In the vast and sometimes overwhelming world of digital marketing, email campaigns reign supreme as a tried and true method to connect with customers and increase brand awareness. However, within email campaigns, crafting a top-notch welcome email is crucial for any successful email marketing strategy.

Let's be real, folks, your welcome email sets the tone for your entire relationship with your subscribers. It's your brand's chance to make a great first impression and establish trust. And who doesn't want to make a good first impression? Especially in the world of email, where you're constantly competing for attention in a crowded inbox.

Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Newsletter Ad Sales

Ready to monetize your email newsletters? Download our complimentary guide for publishers and learn 4 critical strategies to grow your program and generate results.

Monetizing your email newsletters can feel overwhelming with all the acronyms, metrics, technologies, and trends. But at its core, newsletter monetization is simple: you have the attention of valuable people, and advertisers want a piece of it.