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No Time to Write? Content Curation Can Save Your Newsletter

Can't keep up with newsletter deadlines? Don’t worry! Content curation is here to save the day. 

Content curation is the process of gathering and sharing existing content that is relevant and valuable to your target audience. It's an efficient way to provide consistent, engaging material without the need to create everything from scratch. 

A whopping 82% of marketers already leverage content curation—a strong indicator it's worth exploring.

This quick guide will show you how to:

  • Find the perfect content for your readers
  • Make it your own with your insights
  • Keep your audience hooked

So, ditch the blank page anxiety, grab your favorite beverage, and let's transform your newsletter into a must-read resource your audience will truly appreciate.

Advantages of Content Curation 

It’s important to first understand that content curation goes beyond simply filling your newsletters with others’ content. Rather, it is a smart way to add value to your brand.

Here are the key benefits of incorporating content curation into your newsletter strategy:

  • Helps you beat writer's block, ensuring your newsletters are always sent out on time 
  • Positions your brand as a thought leader by curating relevant industry information
  • Keeps your readers informed and engaged with diverse content
  • Fosters relationships with other content creators, opening up collaboration opportunities
  • Saves time and money by reducing the need for new and original content constantly

10 Content Curation Strategies for Busy Marketers

Ready to create compelling newsletters? Here’s how to curate content that keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more:

1. Leverage Curation Tools

No more wasting time on endless web searches. Platforms like Letterhead are tailor-made for marketers that help you curate and organize captivating content effortlessly for your newsletters. Here's how these tools can transform your approach:

  • Effortless content gathering
  • Organized content hub
  • Seamless newsletter creation

2. Set Up Google Alerts

Imagine you're sipping your morning coffee, and Google Alerts delivers a notification about a groundbreaking new study in your field. You can quickly skim the article, decide if it's valuable for your audience, and add it to your content calendar—all before your first meeting!

Google Alerts is a simple yet powerful tool that can ensure your newsletter is always packed with fresh, informative content—without the need for constant manual searching.

Set up alerts for your industry keywords, and receive a daily digest of the most relevant content delivered straight to your inbox. 

3. Level Up with Industry Leaders and Influencers

Industry leaders and influencers are often at the forefront of the latest trends and discussions. Here's how to tap into their knowledge and elevate your content curation game:

  • Follow industry leaders on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. 
  • Subscribe to their blogs and newsletters to stay updated on their latest content.
  • Attend industry events and conferences where they might be speaking.

By following these leaders, you'll gain access to a wealth of valuable content, insights, and perspectives that can be repurposed for your audience. You can also use their content as inspiration for your own content creation efforts.

4. Use Social Media Wisely

Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are goldmines for content curation. Here are some ways to use social media to your advantage:

  • Follow relevant hashtags to see what content sparks discussions in your industry. 
  • Join industry groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to discover content shared by your peers. 
  • Leverage social listening tools to track conversations around specific topics and identify high-performing content. 
  • Engage with the content you discover by sharing it with your audience and adding your own insights.

By becoming a valuable part of social media conversations, you'll establish yourself as a trusted source and open doors to future collaborations.  

5. Curate With a Purpose

Tailor your selections to your audience's specific needs and interests. Ask yourself: "What challenges do they face?" or "What questions do they keep asking?" 

Then, seek out content that addresses those needs and provides valuable solutions or insights. This ensures your newsletter becomes a trusted resource that your audience can't wait to read.

6. Infuse Your Expertise

When you curate content, don't just share the link and disappear. Instead, add your insights, commentary, or takeaways to provide additional value. 

Here are some ways to infuse your expertise:

  • Briefly summarize the key points of the article and explain why they are relevant to your audience.
  • Share your own experiences or stories that relate to the content.
  • Offer your unique perspective or analysis on the topic.
  • Pose a question to your audience to spark discussion and engagement.
  • Provide additional resources, such as tools or templates, that complement the curated content.


This personal touch can help differentiate your newsletter, fosters a deeper connection with your audience, and positions you as a thought leader in your industry. 

7. Keep It Organized

​​To stay organized and deliver consistently awesome newsletters, create a content calendar. This helps you with two key things:

  • Consistent Publishing

Planning ahead ensures a regular newsletter schedule, keeping your audience engaged and expecting your valuable content.

  • Content Variety

A content calendar lets you strategically mix up the types of content you curate (articles, videos, infographics) and the topics you cover. This keeps your newsletter fresh and interesting for your audience.

With a content calendar in place, you can avoid last-minute content scrambles and focus on delivering a well-rounded newsletter that your audience will devour.

8. Measure and Adapt

Measure the performance of the curated content in your newsletters. Here's what to track:

  • Open Rates 

This metric tells you how many people open your newsletter.

  • Click-Through Rates

This metric shows how many people clicked on the links you shared.

  • Engagement

Look for metrics like shares, comments, and replies to gauge how actively your audience is interacting with your content.

By tracking these metrics, you'll gain valuable insights into what resonates with your audience and what falls flat. Use this data to refine your content curation strategy over time, ensuring your newsletter continues to deliver value and keeps your audience engaged.

9. Stay Informed

Stay informed about the latest content curation trends and best practices. This ensures you're leveraging the newest tools and strategies to stay ahead of the curve and create even more valuable newsletters for your audience.

Here are some ways to keep your content curation skills sharp:

  • Follow Industry Blogs and Publications

Stay up-to-date on the latest content curation trends by subscribing to relevant blogs and publications.

  • Attend Webinars and Conferences

Attend webinars and conferences focused on content marketing and curation to learn from industry experts.

  • Join Online Communities

Connect with other content curators online through forums and communities to share tips and learn from their experiences.

10. Respect the Source

Finally, always credit the original source when curating content. Not only is this ethically important, but it also helps build relationships with other content creators—which can be beneficial for future collaborations and content swaps.

So there you have it! With these expert content curation strategies, you'll be crafting great newsletters in no time, even when your schedule is overflowing. 

Ready to transform your newsletter from bland to brilliant?

Remember, the goal of your newsletter is to provide valuable, engaging content that your audience loves.

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