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How to Repurpose Content into Engaging Email Newsletters

Feeling stuck creating fresh content for your email newsletters? You're not alone! 

63% of marketers struggle with this. 

But what if you could use what you already have? That's where repurposing content comes in. It's like taking your old clothes and giving them a new, stylish look – and studies show it can be just as effective!

Why Repurpose Content?

Repurposing helps you in several ways:

  • Saves Time and Money 

You've already spent time and money creating great content. Repurposing lets you use that content again in new ways, reaching more people and getting more value from your investment. 

  • Reaches More People

Your existing content gets seen by a fresh audience on your email list, potentially increasing brand awareness.

  • Keeps People Engaged

You offer different types of content, like short summaries or pictures, to keep people interested. Content with diverse formats can see a significant increase in engagement.

  • Makes Your Brand Stronger 

Your content sounds and looks the same everywhere, making your brand more familiar and reliable. Consistent brand presentation can even increase customer revenue by up to 23%.

Finding the Right Content to Repurpose

Not everything is good for repurposing. Look for:

  • Evergreen Content

This is information that stays true over time, like "how to" guides or explanations of your products.

  • Popular Content

This is content that people liked in the past, based on how many times they opened your email or clicked on a link.

Using Data to Make Smart Choices

Check your email marketing and website tools to see what content people liked. Look at:

  • Open Rates

How many people opened an email about a certain topic?

  • Click-Through Rates

How many people clicked on a link in your email after reading it?

  • Shares

How many times did people share your content on social media?

Making Repurposed Content Great for Email Newsletters

Once you find something to repurpose, you need to change it a bit for email:

  • Talk Like a Friend 

Use a friendly and easy-to-read tone, like you're talking to a friend.

  • Keep it Short

Break down long pieces into smaller, easier-to-read sections with clear titles and bullet points.

  • Make it Mobile Friendly 

Most people read emails on their phones, so make sure your content looks good on small screens.

Adding Pictures, Videos, and Fun Stuff

Text is great, but adding other things can make your emails even better:

  • Pictures and Videos

These can grab people's attention and make your content more interesting.

  • Polls, Quizzes, and Surveys

These can make your emails more interactive and help you learn more about your readers.

Keeping Your Brand Consistent

Even though you're changing the content, it should still sound and look like your brand:

  • Use the Same Voice 

Keep your writing style and tone consistent throughout all your content.

  • Use the Same Design

Make sure your emails have the same colors, fonts, and logos as your website and other materials.

Repurposing content in your email newsletters is a smart way to get more value from the content you've already created. With its time-saving benefits, wider reach, and potential to boost engagement and brand recognition, repurposing is a strategic approach worth exploring. 

Be creative, try new things, and watch your engagement soar! Want to know more? Schedule a free consultation.