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The Role of Newsletters in Modern Journalism: Marshall Jones' Perspective

Marshall Jones has dedicated his career to the ever-changing field of journalism, spending the last 12 years as the managing editor of iNFOnews, an innovative online local news outlet in British Columbia. From one of the company's first hires, Marshall has been pivotal in growing iNFOnews into a trusted source that focuses on delivering the stories that readers care about most.

Phil Balboni's Unrelenting Pursuit to Help People Know the World Better

For Phil Balboni, a self-described "journalist entrepreneur," the mission has always been clear: to help people better understand the world around them. Over the course of his remarkable 57-year career, Balboni has fearlessly ventured into virtually every corner of the media landscape --- from newspapers and broadcasting to cable television and digital media --- with an unwavering commitment to this singular goal.