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Podcast: Don't Panic, Send. With S.Mitra Kalita of Epicenter-NYC

How S. Mitra Kalita Created A Newsletter To Help Her Neighborhood During the Pandemic

In Bruce Pinchbeck's conversation with Mitra Kalita, the journalist, media executive, and author of two books, talks about her newsletter, Epicenter-NYC, and her two other newsletters that are gaining steam. She started Epicenter-NYC in 2020 to help New Yorkers get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Mitra talks about how living in the diverse community of Jackson Heights, Queens, and the government's lack of response motivated her to help others in her community during this difficult time.  

 Mitra discusses how her experience as a journalist at major news outlets helped her create a newsletter that allowed her to be a better neighbor and contributor to her community. She explains how she chose the newsletter platform to reach out to certain people and how the platform helps find every community. You'll also hear about her business practices, how she grows her subscribers, her latest projects, and about her other two newsletters — The Escape Home and The Unmuted

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