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Welcome to Letterhead!

We're so excited to launch Letterhead, a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one solution for growing and monetizing your email newsletter.  

Owners of businesses large and small know that a newsletter is more than great content — it's an excellent business. It keeps you connected with your customers, gets the word out about your products and events, and exemplifies your professionalism. But what you may not know is that it can also play a significant role in boosting your revenue. Letterhead is designed with that goal at the forefront.  

Let's dive into just what Letterhead does, why we created it, and how it can help you!   

What is Letterhead?  

Letterhead is a software product that optimizes your company's email newsletter. We've got easy-to-use templates with no coding required, automated ad placement formatting, and options for conditional design that controls what paying and non-paying readers can see.  

We can help you sell ads, generate a storefront, and create self-checkout services so that your newsletter generates sales right from people's inboxes.   

We help you make all of these things faster and more manageable, enabling new revenue or more focus to see your profit margin expansion and use your email newsletter as more than just a marketing tool.   

Who can use Letterhead?  

Letterhead is for publishers, creators, media brands, and marketers who want to use email to build a community and a content product. There are plenty of products that help you use email as a marketing tool, but the type of newsletter we're talking about, the "challenge" newsletter, is different. Letterhead serves creators with existing newsletter businesses that are actively monetizing or looking to start advertising within their newsletter.

How is Letterhead different from other tools out there?  

In our type of email newsletter, you're using email as a valued product in itself, and this can have many kinds of goals that go with it. Maybe the goal is to keep people engaged with your brand, serve a community with local news, or cover a topic and serve people who share a common interest. Maybe there's a political objective or a nonprofit mission. Newsletters serve the function of building community and engagement around your product or service.  

Now, if you think of the email itself as part of your business, it can deliver its value. It's not just about pointing people to a sale on the website or announcing a piece of news that you want someone to read somewhere else. 

When we talk about newsletters, we think differently than the competition. The data we care about is different. The way people are going to use it is different. We help you think of your newsletter differently, beyond marketing as the core purpose. 

How will my experience using Letterhead be different from other newsletter tools?  

The priority for us is all about saving time and creating efficiency. That's true from the creation side and the advertising side and is our core focus. We want to make things faster and more fluid so you can focus on other parts of your business. We can offer opportunities that you might not usually be able to take advantage of because with Letterhead; you have the technology to help you.  

Some of those opportunities include:  

  • AdvertisingWith advertising, there are two areas of focus. One is saving time and energy for your sales team. We see many publishers and creators struggle with advertising. Partly because it often takes almost the same amount of time to sell the service, it focuses on advertising, particularly for smaller products. We're focused on simplifying the process and maximizing your return on investment. 
  • Self-service sales: By making the process easier and more efficient, we can help you capture revenue that might not otherwise be worth it because of the time investment. Maybe you want to sell job listings, real estate listings, or other lower-cost ad units that allow you to work with smaller-scale advertisers or enable people to come in and test out working with you at a lower price point. Typically, if you have to manage all of those things, the margin disappears. Our self-service workflow is designed to make it simple for someone to visit your website, book an ad, check out, and set everything up themselves. All you have to do is review it and make sure it gets in your newsletter. With that support, the profit margin on those small ads is very different!  
  • Integrating new features:As we were developing Letterhead, one thing we heard a lot was that there are all kinds of cool tools out there, but people don't have time or personnel to try to figure it out themselves. WhereBy.Us designed Letterhead to help businesses integrate new technology at their own pace and work with your existing newsletter tech stack. We do a full-service onboarding to help ensure that those processes click with your existing processes. We also train your team on how to do everything. Finally, we work with your current data storage and streamline the design process—all of this to save you time and energy, which automatically creates a more significant profit margin.  

Trying to get tools to talk to each other, managing advertisers and inventory, and messing with email layouts all take time away from your content and your users. Letterhead helps to streamline production, save time, develop revenue, and bring the entire process into one, easy-to-use place. 

How can I get started with Letterhead?

We'd love to talk to you about your business and how Letterhead can help you enhance your email newsletters' revenue.  

If you want more details, check out more of our website at tryletterhead.com. One great feature we have is our email newsletter revenue calculator. Type in your newsletter stats and get a sense of what you could be generating by using our products!  

Get a visual sense of the tools we're talking about here. We developed Letterhead because we know the challenges. We're content creators too. 

As soon as you're ready to talk, drop us a line here. We'll get back to you ASAP so we can start streamlining your email newsletter process and helping you earn more money!