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Streamline Your Writing with AI-Rewrite

As content creators, we often need to reformat and refine text - whether it's summarizing an article, adapting the tone for different audiences, or restructuring passages. But this can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

That's why Letterhead's new AI assistant for paragraph rewrites is so valuable. It helps you rewrite and restructure text in just a few clicks.

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This AI tool analyzes your writing and lets you choose from several rewrite options to transform your paragraphs:

  • Make text easier to read or simplify complex passages
  • Shorten verbose sections for succinct summaries
  • Adjust tone to be more formal, casual, persuasive or neutral
  • Restructure as a list or add subheadings for scannability


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The AI tool will then rewrite your original text accordingly, while preserving the core meaning. For example, you can use it to:

  • Summarize research findings or long-form articles for your curated news roundups
  • Convert detailed instructions into easy-to-follow steps for your tutorials or guides
  • Adapt the tone of a press release into a more conversational style for your blog
  • Break up dense paragraphs into scannable lists or sections with subheads


The AI acts as a co-pilot - generating options for you to review and only apply desired changes. It helps overhaul your copy quickly while keeping you in control.

And best of all, it's built right into your Letterhead editor so you can rewrite text seamlessly as you create your newsletter. The AI assistant works like an extra team member, helping lighten your workload.

Ready to overhaul your writing faster than ever? Log in to your Letterhead account and click Rewrite on any paragraph block to get started. Or Schedule your complimentary demo to get started.