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Introducing: Automations

Automations allows you to easily create and schedule welcome emails for new subscribers or recurring newsletters to send daily or weekly.


What's the benefit?

Automations is an excellent tool for saving time and engaging your audience more effectively. Welcome emails are a great way to introduce yourself and your newsletter to new subscribers, giving them an understanding of what to expect and reminding them to follow you on other channels or add your newsletter to their contacts to avoid SPAM folders. This helps build trust and establish a relationship with your audience from the beginning.

Recurring newsletters that automatically send RSS feed updates can be beneficial for keeping your audience engaged and informed. With this feature, you can consistently provide fresh, relevant content to your subscribers without manually creating and sending newsletters each time. This helps to keep your newsletter top of mind with your audience and can even drive traffic back to your website or social media channels. By automating the process of sending newsletters, you can focus on other important tasks and let Automations handle the rest.

How to access and use

Automations is now available for everyone in BETA composer and can be accessed under the Newsletters section at the top navigation under Automations. Check out our support center for documentation and step-by-step guides on enabling this feature.

What's next

In a future release, we'll add the ability to control more variables of automations and various dynamic content. Let us know what we can do to supercharge your newsletter operation. 

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