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Your audience insights just got a whole lot smarter

For any business, truly understanding your audience is the key to success. But gathering in-depth data and then utilizing it on each subscriber can be a major challenge. That's why we're excited to announce a new feature in Letterhead - expanded audience profiles.

What are Audience Profiles? 

Audience profile fields allow you to gather important information to better understand and engage with your audience. 

You can use Letterhead's profile fields to store information about your subscribers, like birthdays, locations, and membership levels. This allows you to segment your audience and personalize your messaging.

Extended User Profiles - Photos-2

Fragmented Audience Data

As a newsletter creator, you likely collect subscriber information across many channels - your website, social media, events, and more. But that data lives in silos, scattered in different apps and platforms.

This fragmentation makes it hard to get a unified view of each subscriber. Who are they? What do they care about? How can you serve them better?

Without centralized profiles, you're left guessing instead of leveraging rich audience insights.

Complete Profiles in Letterhead

Letterhead's expanded profiles allow you to consolidate all your subscriber data into unified profiles within your account.

You can define dozens of profile fields to match your specific needs - location, gender, interests, purchase history, social media platforms and more. Sync this data from all your systems through Zapier, APIs, and CSV upload.

With a unified profile for each subscriber, you gain the power to:

  • Take full control of your audience member data
  • Segment and personalize at scale across all your newsletters
  • Understand your audience and build stronger communities (4)

Use Cases: Segmentation, Integration, and More

Here are just some of the ways Letterhead's expanded profiles can boost your newsletter strategy:

  • Sync from CRM systems to combine digital behavior with audience data
  • Collect and migrate user data from other platforms more easily
  • Share profile fields across all your newsletters for consistency
  • Create high-value segments like VIPs, power users, or at-risk churners
  • Pull custom fields from membership management tools into your email service

Focus on Your Audience, Not Busywork

As your lists grow, managing subscriber data in silos is not just difficult - it's a missed opportunity for better engagement. With Letterhead's expanded profiles, you can focus on what matters most:

Understanding your audience so you can better serve them.

Ready to boost your audience profiles? Log in and explore expanded user profiles today. Need help? Check out the expanded user profiles support documentation.