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What Can Newsletters Learn from the TikTok Edits Trend?

I was recently captivated by Jules Terpak's video essay on TikTok Edits – a trend reshaping how content is consumed and appreciated. This video wasn't just a walkthrough of a social media trend – it was a masterclass in understanding deeper user engagement and content creation for today's fast-paced world. 

In this post, I'm focusing on newsletters, taking cues from Terpak’s analysis. Let’s see how these insights can dramatically enhance how we approach our products, leading to more innovative and engaging newsletter content.

1. Make it Screenshot-Friendly

Design your newsletters to be optimized for easy sharing and screenshot capture. Make them concise, self-contained stories – perfect for quick shares. 

This approach not only boosts shareability but also keeps readers hooked. Focus on the layout. For example, how you divide sections in your newsletter and how quickly a reader can grasp the topic by skimming the broad visual design. 


2. Strong Voice and Emotional Engagement

Inject personality into your newsletters. A distinct voice, whether humorous, serious, or somewhere in between, creates an emotional connection with your audience. 

Let them hear you, not just read your words. Eventually, they’ll engage with any email you send simply because it’s from your brand that they know and trust. 


3. Cut to the Chase

In a world where attention spans are short, be direct. Like a TikTok video, deliver your core message right at the start. 

Make your introduction compelling – it’s the make-or-break moment. Embrace the Wadsworth Constant, a Reddit axiom that states that the first 30% of any video can be skipped because it contains no worthwhile or interesting information. So, cut the filler and focus on the core value.


4. Synergize Across Platforms

To envision new improvements, pretend your newsletter now needs to become a TikTok educational video. How would it change? 

I’m not saying, "Hey, put your newsletter on TikTok." Rather, by thinking about how you may adapt, you can discover innovative ways to convey information more effectively and hook readers faster within your newsletter. 


5. Embrace Pop Culture for Relatability

Granted, this will vary depending on your core audience and coverage area, but finding ways to leverage pop culture references can create common ground with your audience. 

A well-placed meme or reference can drive your point home more effectively than paragraphs of text. If you’ve got team members dedicated to this, listen to them more. If you don’t have staff focused on this type of content, tread carefully and ensure you Know Your Meme or reference used in its entire context.


6. Legal and Ethical Considerations

Respecting intellectual property is non-negotiable. While encouraging creative sharing of your content, ensure the lines of copyright are always clear. 

Follow your company's best practices and guidelines, yet be open to exploring how remixing and sharing materials under fair use can enhance your storytelling. Explore ways to display your newsletter content in easy-to-screenshot formats so others can use it for information sharing and creation. 


7. Design for Skimming

Design your newsletter with skimmers in mind. Use clear headers, bullet points, and emphasis to highlight key points. Let readers dive deeper if they choose, but don’t make it a requirement.


8. Feedback Loop

Encourage reader interaction. Use their responses to refine and evolve your content, similar to how TikTok creators use comments to gauge audience reactions.


You might not want to directly apply these insights to your newsletter products, but they: 

  • Definitely offer a fresh perspective for evaluating potential areas for innovation. 
  • Can make your newsletters informative and integral to your audience’s daily digital diet. 


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